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About Me.

Summer 2024 Program

Inspirational Role Models

Highly successful and relatable professionals share their personal journeys to inspire and provide practical insights into Money and Life Skills. Through compelling narratives, we explain our +Club objective to empower self-initiative by offering aspirational discussions on promoting life possibilities while complementing these narratives with practical advice and coaching on the appropriate perspective and relevant skills that are necessary to achieve these possibilities

Project Financial Freedom

Guide to Better Decision-Making

Overview: Why does it matter? What is in it for me? Attitude and approach to financial freedom. Different perspective on time, decision making and financial well-being. Introduce +Club Pulse to inspire sharing personal thoughts and experiences.

Understand the proper mindset and effective daily techniques to develop healthy habits which help guide/improve decision-making and daily actions. Areas of personal focus will include inner directed v outer directed, resisting peer pressure, control: becoming Indistractable, learning from mistakes, effective time management and hard work. In addition, we will discuss establishing a routine to follow financial matters and developing a responsible approach to planning and managing financial matters.

Project Me: Good Financial and Life Habits

Money 101

How can you build habits to think more long term and formulate relevant and practical personal plan including short and long-term goals. Be inspired by showcased role models who will share their personal approaches

A useful and practical introduction and primer on the basics of money. Focus on perspective and habits exploring important issues including living within your means (needs vs wants) and common money mistakes. In the hands-on workshop, focus on interesting and memorable economic reveals, such as the power of compound interest. Illustrated through role model narratives with relatable and practical takeaways.

Manage Uncertainty and Differences

Money 201

Through personal stories, understand how to best improve decision-making skills and develop personal skills to respond to uncertain and challenging situations. A practical and logical framework will be shared with engaging interactive exercises to reinforce these newfound skills and approach to life.

Building from the previous session, Professor Longo offers thoughtful and practical insights around spending, saving and investing money. He will apply the 20+ years of experience in teaching and researching the topic to relevantly reference his numerous books and lectures that he has shared along the way. Topics may include the stock market and picking a diversified portfolio.

The +Zone:

Finding the Right Path

Putting in perspective the +Club program’s previous sessions and incorporating additional dimensions to set members on the right path for Project Financial Freedom and achieving an elevated life. Review sessions to date and combine with perspective and techniques addressing is passion overrated, comfortable being uncomfortable, overcoming challenging situations, the importance of confidence and realizing the power of your own story and situation.

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