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Kim Singleton
Content creator, filmmaker, writer, and poet.

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• Author of I Love My People

• Executive producer and host of the online program

  Consider It Blacklit, winner of the Public Media Award of            Excellence in 2018 and 2019.

• Media Executive at CBS and FOX.

• BS from Howard University

• MBA from NYU, Stern School of Business,

• Former international president of the Howard University

  Alumni Association.

• Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority

Proust Questionnaire


Personal Motto:  When life presents you options, always choose the option that makes you a better person.  Even if temptation or instant gratification lures you in the opposite direction.

Role Models(s): Filmmaker - Ava Duvernay.  I admire how she makes films that cover a broad array of topics.

Mother – D. Kim Singleton, EdD – She continues to maintain a strong work ethic and continues to help people.

Advice to High School self: Take advantage of opportunities to travel more and become fluent in a second language.

What do you most value in your friends?

Unconditional friendship.  Even when I’m not at my best, they are still there for me. 

They encourage me to a better person.

What do you consider your greatest achievement:

What I consider my greatest achievement varies throughout the years. Right now… being a published author.

What is your greatest regret:  Not becoming fluent in multiple languages at a young age.


High School Experience

Attended: Central Senior High, Seat Pleasant, MD

Favorite subject: Math

After school activities: Math Club, Drama Club, Student Government, Cheerleader (captain)

Yearbook quote:  NA

Fondest memory:  Leading the cheerleading team at the basketball game where our team won the State semi-finals.

Biggest influence (inside family): Mother, D. Kim Singleton, EdD.

I admired her work ethic and her readiness to help people.

Biggest influence (outside family): Social Studies Teacher – Mrs. Thaxton.  Mrs. Thaxton broaden my scope of African American Literature.

Pop Culture:  The music of Earth Wind & Fire and Parliament Funkadelic


+ CLUB Moments

Belonging: Kim Singleton

Belonging: Kim Singleton

A lot of people don't know that I'm very shy and I always feel out of place when I go places because sometimes I don't know exactly what to say or exactly what to do. Do I sound smart enough or will they look at me funny? I've been in places where I'm the only person of color many times, but I find for me, you have to be confident in yourself. And I've learned that being true to who you are kind of gives everybody else a comfort level. You don't have to mold yourself to someone else, especially if you're a good person. Just be that good person and everybody has to go along with it. I think with part of the concept of belonging, people feel uncomfortable in certain situations. You have to ask yourself, why am I uncomfortable? I think once you identify why you're uncomfortable, then you can address the problem. I'll go into a room and I'll say, well, why am I uncomfortable? Because I'm the only person of color in the room? Why is that? Does that make you uncomfortable? So, I’ll make myself go talk to someone and then there's a commonality between me and that person. And so now I don't feel like I don't belong. You may think that everybody else knows something that you don't know, but you just take the attitude, I'm going to go in, I'm going to learn from these people. I'm going to ask questions. So, I think you need to identify why do you feel like you don't belong? Why do you feel like you're uncomfortable and address that particular issue, but more importantly, move forward because you're only going to get comfortable when you're more and more in that particular environment. Don't shy away from it.
Life Lessons Kindness: Kim Singleton

Life Lessons Kindness: Kim Singleton

I think the most important thing life has taught me is to be kind to people. I find that there's this covenant that we sing in church that be slow to take offense. I think a lot of the conflicts that we have with people, I think 90% of the time it's because we misunderstand what they're saying or we don't understand what they're going through. And any act of aggression, sometimes it's not about us. It may be about what they're going through. So always try to be kind to people and give people the benefit of the doubt. Now, there are that 10% who are mean and nasty, and you have to deal with them according to your personality. But the people that I've come across for the most part have been nice people. And I do try to give them the benefit of the doubt. And I try to be kind to people even in situations when they weren't kind to me. But that's my personality. But I can't say that me being kind to people has created opportunities for me later on. You heard the term, don't burn your bridges. I didn't burn my bridges and the opportunities came back to me. It doesn't mean that you let somebody walk over you or disrespect you. You can handle it in a way that's appropriate, but for the most part, everybody's just trying to get along like everybody else. So why not be kind to each other? And kindness is contagious. So that's why I love doing it. I love saying hello to someone or saying something or doing something to someone that makes them feel good. That makes me feel good. So, it's just very contagious. So that's what I learned in life. Just enjoy each other when we can.
Money: Kim Singleton

Money: Kim Singleton

I think it's never too early to have budgets. There's an old saying, when I was coming up, pay yourself first. So whatever job you had, you would always take out some money and put it aside for you first, and then you either use it as discretionary funds or paid your bills, et cetera. But I think it's important, and it all kind of ties into being intentional about what you want to accomplish. You may want to buy a house, you may want to get a higher education, you may want to invest. There's a lot of things that you want to do, but it's not going to come automatically. Everything takes planning and it's never too early to budget. And if you don't have a lot of money, think of the saying that I said before, pay yourself first You may get $10, so you take a dollar, you put it aside. If you did that every day for a year, that's $365. You could take that and put it someplace else, but if you just pay yourself first as you go on, then you'll have money as a young person and you can take this concept and when you get a job, make sure, see what kind of retirement plans your company has, such as a 401k. I know so many people who are retiring because they got into their company investment plan or 401k and just kept pushing everything into it and it would come out of their paycheck. They didn't even miss it. And then it was time to retire. They turned around and looked and they had all this money. So budgeting is always good, but make sure you pay yourself first. You take a piece of that, you put it to the side, and then you decide how you want to invest that because you'll have it.
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