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The + Club and our Role Model Showcase

The +Club is a Financial Literacy and Life Skills multimedia platform targeted for underserved communities with a pilot in Newark, New Jersey. The afterschool and companion on-line program will offer a foundational educational experience for high school students in an engaging and edutainment manner to help prepare them for life in the modern economy. The initiative aims to foster good financial habits and behaviors, putting them on the long-term path to building wealth and, ultimately, financial independence.

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Relatable role models share their personal stories as real-life examples to aspire and be inspired. This curated content will empower self-initiative by offering aspirational discussions on promoting life possibilities while complementing these narratives with practical advice.


Please view our +Club Moment videos featuring truly extraordinary professionals revealing their thoughtful wisdom and life’s journeys including achievements, challenges and regrets.

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Abnout page.png

Eric Pennington: Business Administrator for City of Newark, NJ

View the Pennington +Club collection

Review Mr. Pennington’s professional background


Kim Singleton: Content Creator, Poet and Author of I Love My People

View the Singleton +Club Collection

Review Ms. Singleton’s professional background


Michael Ojo: Private Equity Executive and Socioeconomic Activist

View the Ojo +Club Collection

Review Mr. Ojo’s professional background

LeAnn Elder: School Principal and Architect

View the Elder +Club Collection

Review Ms. Elder’s professional background


Vaughn Crowe: Venture Partner and Community Leader

View the Crowe +Club Collection

Review Mr. Crowe’s professional background


Jeffrey Robinson: Provost & Professor at Rutgers University and author of Black Faces in White Places 

View the Robinson +Club Collection 

Review Dr. Robinson’s professional background

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