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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Collaborative Opportunity:  + Club Overview


The +Club is a Financial Literacy and Life Skills multimedia platform targeted for underserved communities with a fall pilot in Newark, New Jersey. The after-school and companion on-line program will offer a foundational educational experience for high school students in an engaging and edutainment manner to help prepare them for life in the modern economy. The initiative aims to foster good financial habits and behaviors, putting them on the long-term path to building wealth and, ultimately, financial independence. The initiative is being programmatical advised and partially funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Differentiation: Why +Club Matters                          


The + Club is a unique social impact initiative creating an effective and timely program to solve a problem that has yet to be solved. Unfortunately, whatever has been done to date in financial education is not working and the situation has gotten worse. The + Club seeks to create the first edutainment platform in financial literacy showcasing reputable sources with the following core differentiation elements:

  • Engaging not Boring: Utilize an edutainment approach to create and sustain student interest. Designed with a deep understanding on how social media and other societal factors compete for time and attention.

  • Community Sensibility: Avoid one size fits all mentality and custom design program with content that properly meets and addresses this underserved segment. Curated with practical and relevant knowledge with relatable community sensibility.                                                                                                                                                                

  • Proper Messengers: Feature relatable Role Models and Instructors.

  • Multimedia: Apply the team’s expertise in Media, Technology, Finance and Education to successful design and implement an interactive, curated, and condensed offering reflecting the TikTok/digital competitive environment. 

  • Life Skills: Incorporate much needed Life Skills into the Financial Literacy curriculum. For teenagers, improved decision-making, time management, healthy living and social skills are equally and maybe more urgently important than some of the down-the-road topics covered in current financial literacy programs.

To best summarize/visualize the +Club differentiation, please review the +Club’s Edutainment Experience:                                                                       

Screenshot 2023-09-30 at 1.18.11 PM.png

Relatable Role Models: +Club Moments are Foundation Component   

Relatable role models share their personal stories as real-life examples to aspire and be inspired. This curated content- +Club Moment- will empower self-initiative by offering aspirational discussions on promoting life possibilities while complementing these narratives with practical advice.  

On our website, please view our +Club Moment videos featuring truly extraordinary professionals revealing their thoughtful wisdom and life’s journeys including achievements, challenges and regrets.

+ Club Role Model Showcase

Abnout page.png
Abnout page.png

Eric Pennington: Business Administrator for City of Newark, NJ

View the Pennington +Club collection

Review Mr. Pennington’s professional background


Kim Singleton: Content Creator, Poet and Author of I Love My People

View the Singleton +Club Collection

Review Ms. Singleton’s professional background


Michael Ojo: Private Equity Executive and Socioeconomic Activist

View the Ojo +Club Collection

Review Mr. Ojo’s professional background

LeAnn Elder: School Principal and Architect

View the Elder +Club Collection

Review Ms. Elder’s professional background


Vaughn Crowe: Venture Partner and Community Leader

View the Crowe +Club Collection

Review Mr. Crowe’s professional background


Jeffrey Robinson: Provost & Professor at Rutgers University and author of  Black Faces in White Places 

View the Robinson +Club Collection 

Review Dr. Robinson’s professional background

Join Like-minded Supporters                                                                                                                                                We are selectively approaching a targeted group of supporters with a demonstrated predisposition for social responsibility and appreciation for the important role of Financial Literacy and Life Skills. A curated group of forward-thinking and compatible supporters will help collaborate to develop this one-of-a-kind community offering.

Development Requirements                                                                                                                               

To build from our Newark High School Pilot, we are currently securing funding for 2024 and beyond which includes support for:    


  • Funding of “starter” bank accounts and debit cards for students from underserved communities.

  • Content and curriculum development to complete a full school year of sessions.                                                                       

  • Enhancement of digital experience to better compliment the offline classroom learning.                                                                                                                                                                                  

  • Operating funds to rollout the afterschool program and boot camps.

  • Short documentary on the +Club approach by showcasing Role Model insights and interaction with the students focusing on the word of possibilities combined with real-world navigation advice.


Please contact Mark Pearlman for further details.                                                                                        

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